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Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

           An die Ständige Konferenz der           

  Kulturminister der Länder in der BRD

   Lennéstr. 6  CO/

 CC Worldwide

                                            53113 Bonn                                                                   

Germany, (2002 February 8th.)

The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today your Empress requests you politely to do obedience once again; this matter however can change from one day to the next very fast. You are requested to think about it, why it was possible for you and people like you to pass a higher education at school for quite a long time and often then to get an expensive study place, in which many of you were to be enjoyed the beautiful student time.

In many cases it was the state that had financed you or you had the very great luck that your parent house supported you in this regard, so that you had to make no finger crooked during your study. Not everybody had the advantage to grow up in a rather secure status and to get in an improved standard by correspondingly persons, so that your life already was programs in the certain sense and a corresponding status was secured for you as the desired performance.

Exactly at this point you were subject to a very great error and not only you. Now all over the world it goes round the question: Who am I and who are you?

That is my rocking horse, that is my house and that is my garden! The next one says, this is my sailing yacht, this is my swimming pool and this is my castle!

For a long time you have your cups no more in the cupboard! (German saying). Often you make you off by the place of work in the distance, especially it is valid for the so-called sons, whose still sit in a guided tour position and as a result, now they can go into vacation twice time a year.

What is going to do with your parents you can not feel responsible, because you have to accomplish your tasks and have found your own family and circle of friends, haven´t you?  A phone call to home, a visit at Christmas time or Easter is still possible, however, always with the risk to see your father or mother the last time in life, you spoiled, sick people, you!

That what you, especially this generation, here on God`s earth have managed at last, that is a great cathouse combined with a pleasure park in an open hospital.

Now the children must regard your naked asses at the bus stops, at the advertising pillars, shop windows and they must regard a lot of full nibbled people, whose lead a dog at the leash. Not to mention your cultural offers over the TV, video, Internet and the product offers, it is simply stupefying!

Many of the people did not have your status and many of these people were and are at your mercy, since you are in the positions, which are dangerously for the circuit of life.

The top of these people of the circuit are in the poorer and poorest countries of the world, where people, who are at your mercy, must sell their county, their body and often also must sell their souls to the different tourist classes.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, you small gnomes, however, at last do use for the change your intelligence that was given to you, but not to act in the top classes as the end users. Your Empress will teach you, who you are and also why do you exist.

Your Empress will teach you to do obedience and she will teach you, what at all responsibility means especially in reference to the children, adolescents and particularly to coming generations.

You will check your alibis and consider why just you could receive and enjoy a higher status and not another one! If you should not find the answer yourself, your Empress sends you onto the place at which you are belonging. You and people like you will choose no more the most beautiful things of the life sitting in the first class, not into your luxury liners, not in the train, not in the airplane, not with the doctor and nor in the hotels.

You will not sit on the box places in the theatre; how do you actually think about yourselves? At present in the eyes of your Empress you are only very small and weak parasites, at which you exist at the expense of others and that for more than two people, only because you could hide behind an alibi, which the state placed you into the lap.

The members e. g. of the FRG increased publicly their daily allowance themselves although more and more people become unemployed and come onto the shooting lists, what many people fear again. And still, you and people like you preferably let persons of my type characterize as schizophrenic sick ones or as martyrs before one uses the quite damage eyes and preferably put on the sunglasses before one would admit, that your eyes show a colour weakness, in which more likely a considerable weakness of memory is showed.

Remove your sunglasses especially at cloudy sky or in other words, take off your trained repression process and try it once with the reality.

You will be allowed only to enjoy the beautiful things like theatre visits, concerts, restaurant visits and much more in future, if you can show a corresponding return service and deserve honestly yourselves this cultural highlights for the relaxation.

Of course this writing has be not only valid for the FRG but nearly for every country of the world.Everywhere the family become destroyed, especially the mothers, whether for example by a war or by a place of work of a member of the family in the distant. My person advices you urgently to wake up, otherwise your Empress has to chase you off the place.

On behalf of


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