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Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23466 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Political Stage

CC Worldwide

Germany, Luebeck, 11 Sept. 2010

The free English translation on 6 August 2021.

Crossing Borders/ CC

Please, let the German-language letter be translated in many languages and handed over to the right correspondingly places.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

As today is another day to thunder, I would like to confront you with the reality, so that there is still a chance for the children and youth to lead a free and healthy life.

I cannot hide the fact that I may throw in the towel, as you clearly have no use for the end and a new beginning will thus become impossible. Looking at the political scene, one can see that none of you include the entire cycle of life in your political policies.

Similarly, the forces of nature have been completely removed from the curricula and are not to be found in the guidelines of all political activity. This is because virtually none of you have dealt with the cycle of life, including the monetary cycle as a means of exchange, and do not have the necessary competence to be able to lead people responsibly and with sense and expertise in the right direction.

It is precisely this enormous deficit that I would like to pick up on, as it has already become very disastrous for humanity through catastrophes, unemployment and divorces, and it is guaranteed to become even more disastrous!

Let us take the opening of the inner-German border as a simple example and deal with the cross-border peripheral areas of the individual federal states within the FRG. The reality within the peripheral areas of the former GDR is that there the low-cost providers, for example those from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, also offer their services in Schleswig-Holstein and usually get the service contract, because they can stay below the price level of the West.

Conversely, many West Germans travel to the eastern outskirts, for example to a veterinarian, because they are served there far below the price level of the West.

A veterinary practice in the West near the inner-German border must then reorient itself accordingly. The opportunity for this is also provided by the labour market, in that especially many young people from the East apply for jobs in the West and usually stay well below the hourly wage dictated by the West. Since the labour market is not "booming" and apprenticeships are also hard to come by the young people from the western outskirts, now also have to leave their social environment and move to the next big city.

All the farmers, craftsmen and service providers in the western peripheral areas have to declare bankruptcy or lay people off and possibly take them on again, but then people from the East who are still affordable. It often happens that these people abandon their social network after a certain time and move to the West altogether.

Young people from the East and West are forced to leave their parental home, siblings, friends and relatives and have to create a new environment for themselves, although at least the politicians should have made sure, that the solidarity of the West is not abused and exploited in this respect, in that training places should be available locally exclusively for West German young people and vice versa!

In the peripheral areas of the inner-German border, however, a new environment does not necessarily mean that the young people have to give up contact with their old environment altogether, and if difficulties arise in the new environment, then one can hire one's old friends to help shape the environment the way one would like it to be.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen in the right way and so the old collective quickly takes care of the new environment all over the place, especially in the residential areas that are still affordable for the weaker earners. In the residential areas and at the workplace, "oil was thrown on the devil's fire" and that is called politics nowadays.

You put men who have worked for a company or a business for many years on the street because of your immaturity or turned them into unskilled workers who usually have to take orders from younger people as their superiors.

A "hip flask" in the right hand and a small "woof-woof" to the left, this is how you very often see a man wandering the streets as a jumping jack and instead, unfortunately, you do not see a grandfather explaining the world with its rules to his grandchildren.

Or else you see older men in a luxury car and a young girl or woman sitting to the right, who will usually have settled into a made nest. You also see younger men and women in a fat car and ask yourself corresponding questions, also about their villas or houses.

Now, especially young people from the East, who to a large extent grew up in the nursery and then in after-school care, have left for the West in order to be able to earn money there, in a time that is coming to an end.

Many women from the West, however, still worked as housewives and mothers, foregoing success and earnings for the sake of the children and the family, and tried to prepare their children for life as parents, so that they could grow old with the children and later grandchildren in the family.

The women from the East, however, in addition to the decare-centre, could send an unborn life back to the sender** at any time and still get a secure job and a secure place in society in return.

And now we come to the point of this letter.

The calculation you have made as a politician, if you should have made a calculation at all, will never be able to work out, because alone the care of the old and sick ones within a family who are left behind, although most family members who have changed environment are not even irreplaceable professionals, is a too high cost factor for a politician to ignore.

In addition, the whereabouts of a life lived cannot be handed over so easily in a home because the family members have "done a bunk" in order to be able to afford a holiday abroad, for example! But it cannot go on like this for much longer!

It is also unacceptable for an employer to refuse any responsibility for his employee's environment, including family membership, without considering the total social costs to society of an employment contract, which must include the cost of pollution from commuting to work!


An employer must be a responsible, mature person with some political understanding and education, which must be a matter of course for a politician! Also, the whereabouts of a returned life (abortion) must be borne by the whole family including all the relatives and cannot be carried out at the expense of others who have borne their crosses in this regard by then changing one's location as time is clearly coming to an end with settlements.

Under my leadership, this means for many people from the East German region that they will have to pack their bags and return to the family and security in order to be able to build a future-oriented life there. It also means for the West German people to return to their families and fill the jobs that have become vacant.

Of course, the leadership reserves the right to recall those affected, but in principle the recall will only be temporary.

What applies on a small scale will then apply on a large scale, and so every emigrant or every person who can be replaced locally will have to return to where his or her great-grandparents, grandparents or parents, or one parent, have remained, which is a fixed rule primarily for the first-born son. In exceptional cases, the remaining parent may also be placed in the care of the existing family or in that of the son and thus change location.


It cannot be that one wants to live and shape a democracy, but does not even come close to keeping the rules given by God or completely disregards the Ten Commandments! In addition, it is the A and the O of every human being to tell the truth without first running through the "pros" and "cons" in the back of one's mind.

It is and must become a matter of course that a person tells the truth, because otherwise he or she will not be able to become a person who also deserves the O. It cannot be that a person is entitled to vote or to stand for election who cannot even distinguish truth from lies and who does not basically tell the truth without first thinking through the advantages and disadvantages!

The young people in the eastern German states will please be brought into a future-oriented education in their parental environment, which presupposes that the use of electricity and fuels will be kept to a minimum and that a maximum of physical strength or mental power will be used.

The same applies to the way to the workplace.

The workplace/ training place must be located within easy reach by bicycle or accessible on foot.


It is not acceptable that electricity is produced by splitting atoms in an endless chain without the possibility of ending this chain reaction, because then we are already living at the expense of future generations who will have to inherit this legacy as nuclear waste.

Nor can it be that the oceans or landscapes are disfigured by wind farms and solar parks, creating a sense of unease and enclosure. In addition, there is an unknown component to solar technology, as no one can know what is going on beyond the horizon!

It cannot be that here on God's earth everyone can do what he or she wants, because ultimately it is about the individual who sits in a position of power and does not want to limit and submit!

It cannot be that through pre-election promises the earth is used to exploit or deface it for this generation, just to win the election!! !

First it will be about finding the truth of the real situation here in Luebeck and then it will be decided who will vacate the place, respectively why the place will be vacated. I will personally initiate and lead the tit-for-tat response in Luebeck, whereby I will give priority to the parents of those affected!

Afterwards, the parliamentarians' salaries and possibly a change of residence in Berlin will be considered and decisions will be taken.


This letter should also be sent to Mrs Merkel! !

Please first deal with the "basics" in the matter and commission of the Lord and Creator, and please do so in the diplomatic arena.

Ursula Sabisch

Rumpelstiltskin or rather the Empress?

The political leadership receives the royal Danish ambassadorial chain under the leadership of King Juergen and Emperor Diethard and that worldwide!! !

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