The World-Cultural-Heritage & The Turn Of The Millennium.


    The Cultural-Shock

Terminanfrage am 23. Nov. 2017


Termine offen............wegen geistig erkrankter und minderbemittelter Zeitzeugen!

34 Jahre sind eine zu lange Dienstzeit im Abseits, als dass sich so manch einer in das gemachte Nest setzen möchte!

Jeder zahlt den Preis, der verlangt wird, jedoch der Preis steigt stetig an!

Maya Kalender


You should take time for my person`s letters, nevertheless some of them are a little longer and time-consuming, so that you can understand why this and that is actually the way it is. It is an offer, what does not mean that it remains valid forever, because every person is just a guest on earth and nobody knows when to say goodbye.

So it is time for everyone to actively start something with his life, from which future generations can benefit. It would also not be wrong to recommend my person`s websites to others and to work out the matter in such a way that it can be implemented as easily, quickly and so safely as possible.

Änderungen der Beschlüsse bleiben meiner Person teilweise vorbehalten: